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360 income beats PS3 and Wii for Activision

Platform nets $231 million for the quarter, while North America dominates revenues

Activision Blizzard has revealed that the lion's share of its platform profits - Blizzard's World of Warcraft MMO aside - came from the Xbox 360 platform, which yielded USD 231 million for the three months to the end of June this year.

That compares with USD 152 million for the PlayStation 3 and USD 118 million for the Nintendo Wii. PlayStation 2 income stood at USD 44 million, just beating the remaining PC revenues of USD 41 million.

The handheld space was somewhat less interesting, with the Nintendo DS bringing in USD 48 million and the PlayStation Portable USD 17 million.

In terms of geographical split North America was, unsurprisingly, the largest region by revenue for the company, accounting for USD 557 million, or 54 per cent of the total.

Europe in comparison yielded USD 408 million (39 per cent) and Asia USD 73 million (7 per cent).

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