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34% play games on their phones

And 60% of young Americans are mobile gamers, says Pew survey

Over a third of mobile phone-owning Americans use their handset to play games, according to the Mobile Access 2010 report.

The Pew Research Center's survey claimed that 34 per cent of US phone owners are now gaming on their mobiles, up from 27 per cent last year.

In addition, some 60 per cent of younger owners use their phones as a gaming device, the report states.

The iPhone is a major contributor to mobile gaming, with Apple confirming earlier this week that it had sold 1.7 million units of its fourth-generation handset within three days.

The survey also reveals that mobile phone internet access is on the rise, with 40 per cent of the 2252 respondents using their handsets to web browse, email or instant message - a rise from 32 per cent in 2009.

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