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300AD releases KingMania

Prague, Czech Republic - 9th October 2007

300AD, the casual label of the independent team Rake In Grass, is proud to present the release of a new strategy game KingMania.

Kingmania is a fast and simple, yet challenging, action strategy game that will test players ability to make quick tactical decisions.

Players can control different buildings, using their power and the power of hordes of your lieges to defeat their opponents.

Each of the buildings in the game has another purpose and can be improved upon - castles produce strong knights and allow you to cast magical spells at enemy buildings or to summon dragons. Villages provide food as well as villagers, who are weak warriors, but attack in hordes and when they turn to berserkers, they can gain a destructible force. Gold can be gathered at mines, mage towers can shoot fireballs and destroy garrisons in enemy houses, etc.

The game is situated on an island kingdom, developed in pleasant and easy to understand graphics with comical features, and can be taken as an attempt to introduce strategic games to casual players.

KingMania is available in a Windows PC version with OpenGL and DirectX support and in a Mac OS X version. The main features are:

- 30 levels with unique battlefields

- More than 30 structure upgrades

- 5 mass destruction spells

- 5 opponents with different strategies - find their weak spots!

- Multiplayer mode to play with your friends online

- Original music tracks

For game screenshots and more information please visit the official game site at

Free demo version to download at



Game video:

For further information please contact:

Pavel Tovarys, Producer

About Rake In Grass:

Rake In Grass is the team based in Prague, Czech Republic, committed to the development of shareware software for Win PC, Mac, PocketPC and Palm. The members of the creative, graphic and software development teams also released casual games under the 300AD brand. Rake In Grass made its name on the worldwide Win PC and Mac scene through the Jets'n'Guns game. Another very popular game was Undercroft -- an RPG for PocketPC platform -- and Styrateg -- a turn-based strategy game. The members of the Rake In Grass team have released over fifteen game titles.

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