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2nd annual ISFE Expert Conference to explore the challenges of online gaming

Panel discussions led by 20 international experts Children's safety in online gaming paramount European Commission funding involved

Brussels, 13 June 2007 - This coming 26 and 27 June, approximately 100 researchers, representatives of national and international government agencies and family associations, as well as representatives from the European Commission and the European press will convene in Brussels for the 2nd annual ISFE Expert Conference.

Following last year's successful inaugural gathering and in the light of growing community interest in the problems posed for young people by online video-gaming, the ISFE conference committee has decided to invite a wider group of opinion holders and experts to this year's event. An additional day has also been added to the conference to enable the group to have sufficient time for in-depth discussions and to draw practical conclusions that can be put into action.

Contributions from 20 international experts

The 20 or so international experts attending the conference will lead panel discussions that will touch on subjects such as:

Games and society: the engine of digital lifestyle A clinical outlook: is everything bad good for you? Games and education: the ultimate learning tool? The economic impact: when gamers mean business

By organising this event, ISFE is again underlining the importance of initiating and maintaining dialogue between the various stakeholders in the games industry. The conference will also enable everyone attending to gain a valuable insight into the latest developments and research results relating to video-gaming.

With strong support of the European Commission

Since initiating PEGI, the Pan European Game Information System, ( more than four years ago, ISFE has confirmed its role of a responsible industry representative. However, with the introduction of PEGI Online, an addition to the PEGI system designed to give young people in Europe greater protection against unsuitable online gaming content and to educate parents on how to ensure a safer onli ne play, ISFE goes one step further.

PEGI Online (, which is jointly funded by ISFE and the European Commission, will be launched officially during the 2007 Expert Conference. Mrs. Viviane Reding, a member of the European Commission in charge of Information Society & Media will be marking this important occasion by giving a keynote speech dur ing the evening dinner on 26 June.

Spread the word

"There is often more to online video-gaming than meets the eye," says Patrice Chazerand, Secretary General of ISFE and founder of the yearly ISFE expert conference. "The higher the level of public awareness of the issues at stake, the greater the level of protection we can offer young people and the more benefit all of the parties involved will be able to enjoy. The media have an important role to play in this regard and can help enormously by publicising the conclusions reached by this forum of experts."

As a result, ISFE is offering journalists the opportunity to register for the 2nd annual ISFE Expert Conference free of charge.

About ISFE

Established in 1998 and registered in 2002 under Belgian law as an international association with scientific and pedagogical purposes, ISFE (the Interactive Software Federation of Europe) represents the interests of the interactive software sector throughout the 27 EU Member States plus Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Today, ISFE membership comprises 13 major publishers of interactive software as well as 11 interactive software trade associations throughout Europe.

ISFE has been running the Pan-European Game Information (PEGI) system since 2003 (see PEGI provides an age rating recommendation system intended to inform European parents regarding content that is suitable for their children. As a classification system PEGI supports informed adult choice and does not censor content.

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