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25 Thousand Reasons for you to play Halo2 with Team Compete

Team Compete(TM) announces $25,000 Halo2 Pro League for Xbox Live teams

Houston, TX October 2, 2004 - If you're going to play Halo2 - and it seems that EVERYONE is going to be playing Halo2-then you need to be taking a serious look at Team Compete for your Halo2 competitive team play. Team Compete today announced two prize packages totaling almost $29,000 cash for Halo2 teams.

The Team Compete Open League (TCOL) which is free to all holders of a valid Microsoft Xbox Live Gamertags, announced a $2,500 cash prize purse for their inaugural season of play which will commence immediately upon the release of Halo2 on November 9th. All teams competing in the TCOL for Halo2 will have a chance at the prize pool which will be determined by the post season playoff system that has become the trademark of Team Compete season play. Specific details of the playoffs will be announced just prior to season end and will be designed to support up to 128 teams depending upon the participation and competitive activity within the open league.

The Team Compete Pro League (TCPL) which is a fee for membership private community announced a $25,000 cash prize purse for a 64 team, 12 week league. The "TCPL 25k Halo2 Promotional League" competition will take place using the newly launched TCPL system and will be open to all TCPL members. There is no team or individual entry fee to participate in the Promotional League and league play will begin once the full 64 team field is registered. With a 14 person roster, the prize allocation will enable the top 11 teams to make back MORE than their TCPL membership fees.

"There's no hidden agenda here", said the Veeg, founder of Team Compete. "We're putting our money where our mouth is to promote the TCPL league system to our members and to generate a little buzz in the community. This is something entirely new and never before attempted and we need to help users understand the capabilities in any way we can. Getting them hands on with the league system is the best way we can facilitate their learning" These kick off leagues, and all leagues in the TCPL will promote fair play and sportsmanship and serve as a shakedown cruise for the new TCPL software system recently launched by Team Compete. He continued by saying, "We feel that by getting the players USING the system and all its features early and intensely, we have the best chance of them truly grasping the overwhelming power and capability that has been created for them. And what better incentive than money these days?"

For additional information contact: Justin Snyder, Director Marketing Communications, Team Compete. Team Compete, TCPL, TC, Team Compete Professional League, Team Compete Open League and TC2 are trademarks and copyrights owned by Team Compete, LLC. Xbox and Xbox Live are trade names belonging to Microsoft Corporation. Game titles are copyrighted by their respective publishers.

About Team Compete

Team Compete is a privately held Texas LLC founded in 2003 specifically to bring Xbox Live team competition to the console gaming community. Team Compete is focused exclusively on Microsoft Xbox platform games and provides innovative challenging, competition, seasons and team creation/management tools to member gamers. The Team Compete Professional League (TCPL) launched in September 2004 and provides private league play in 12 xbox live enabled games with competition aligned in 6 tiers of skill level and proven team play. All Team Compete software applications are proprietary and have been written specifically to meet the TEAM and COMPETITION needs of the console gamers. The community consists of 13-36 year old gamers, mostly male who bring over 15 million page views to the web site monthly. Gamers come to Team Compete for (a) Competition, (b) Social forums and chat tools are quite active, ® News and Reviews, and (d) Commerce buying and selling games, accessories and other consumer goods. The company currently has over 140,000 members competing in over 36,000 teams.

Contact Information:

Justin Snyder

Team Compete


281-296-6900 FAX

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