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21st Century Monopoly


Ever wondered what would you do with £15 million to spend on property across London?

To celebrate the iconic game's 70th anniversary, the makers of Monopoly are giving fans the chance to do just this with the creation of an online version of the nation's favourite board game. Monopoly Live uses London as a real-life playing board, and the capital's taxis as 'real time' playing pieces. Players will also get the chance to win for top prizes including the chance to get their mortgage or rent paid for an entire year.

Parker have kitted out 18 cabbies with GPS (Global Positioning System), meaning they follow their daily journey as they pass the new Monopoly board locations. Using an online version of the updated, limited edition Here and Now Monopoly board (launched on 16 June 2005) players can follow the cabbies as they go about their normal day, picking up and dropping off fares all over town and use them to try and increase their fortune.

All players begin the game with £15m to spend on properties from around the new board such as The London Eye, Covent Garden and Canary Wharf, and can choose where to build apartments and hotels to further their porfolio. Players then rely on the cabbies and their fares as they drive through the capitals streets - paying and collecting rent everytime they pass through the board locaations.

The cabbies are sure to become the stars of the on-line game and players can learn all about them, what makes them tick and what sort of fares they prefer to pick up in a specially designed information area which will be available shortly after launch on the 20th June so they can decide whether to place their trust in, for example, Kenny Drew from Islington or Brian Kent from Buckhurst.

Players can also sign up to extra SMS services to recieve their results or to Take a Chance or Community Chest.

Each time players make a million they get entered into the free prize draw to win the top prize of their mortgage or rent paid for the year.

Top Tips from Parker:

  • If your cabbie isn't performing, you can switch to another at any point in the game.
  • Stack your apartments on popular properties to reap maximum rent pay-outs.
  • Check back regularly to see how your properties are performing.
  • Tell your friends to play Monopoly Live - they could earn you even more money.

To find out more information or register to play the game players should log onto <<a target="_new" class="releaselink" href=">">> . Monopoly Here and Now (RRP £19.99) was launched on 16 June 2005.

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