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2029 Online

Some battle instance tips for you.

From the fierce 3C battleground to the defensive battlefield, 2029 Online is full of exciting features, but if it’s awesome you want, make sure you check out these kickin’ instances. Whether you’re in the mood for raking in experience or scoring valuable items, each has something to offer a team that can get the job done.

Most Popular Instance: Clone Factory

Also known as the “Exp Instance,” the Clone Factory is all about earning as much experience as you can manage. Level 10+ players can keep coming back for more as they gain levels without slowing down, because every 10 levels the difficulty ramps up even further. Players are awarded double exp and extra exp for defeating monsters. When you need to level up quickly, the Clone Factory is the place to go.

Entrance: players can enter from Power Core in Jungle of Bright City.

Tips: there’s no need to explore the instance. Grab your weapons and start slaughtering the legions of monsters waiting inside.

Drops: experience, experience and more experience.

Most Complicated Instance: Lab

When players want a challenge that requires true teamwork, the Lab is a perfect choice. Legions of monsters wander throughout its maze-like map. Four super BOSSes will suddenly attack to prevent you from destroying the lab. If you and your teammates have the willpower needed to defeat them, your victory will be richly deserved, and just as richly rewarded.

Entrance: players can enter from the northeastern area of Naca Desert.

Tips: the map is divided into 4 areas. Each time players defeat all the monsters in an area, a BOSS will appear to stop them. As players advance from the right area to the upper area, left area, and bottom area, the BOSSes become more and more powerful.

Drops: level 40-50 green, yellow, and purple attribute equipment, plus special guild quest items.

Most Challenging Instance: Fox Ruins

When players are ready to prove they can stand with the best of the best, the Fox Ruins offer a level of difficulty unmatched by other instances. The monsters there are higher in level and possess more HP. Rare, exclusive treasures are available for teams that achieve glory there, including top equipment, trinkets, and weapons, as well as precious materials.

Entrance: players can enter from the northeastern area of Energy Field, but be careful; the way there is fraught with danger as a group of elite monsters searches for trespassers.

Tips: players must defeat all monsters and the BOSS in each area to get a key that will enable them to enter another area.

Drops: various high-level robot parts, Level 70-80 green, yellow, and purple attribute equipment.

Most Confusing Instance: Virtual Training Center

Keep your eyes open, or you may soon lose your way inside this instance. Each monster lurking there can be a tough challenge. If you survive, you will be hailed as a hero.

Entrance: players can enter from the southeast area of East Sea Road.

Tips: the hexagonal map gives players 6 sets of monsters and BOSSes to defeat before the final BOSS will appear in the middle.

Drops: Level 20-30 green and yellow attribute equipment.

While these are some of the best of the best, there are dozens of distinct instances for players to experience in 2029 Online. Visit for the latest info on instances and other exciting features. Visit to learn more about IGG’s growing family of games. 

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