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2029 Online

A Q&A regarding the ongoing alpha test.

As IGG gets closer to the Alpha release of 2029 Online(, more fun events have been added to the Alpha release schedule. Questions continue to pop up all over the 2029 official forums asking how to enter these events and what prizes are available. So, to streamline their answers, IGG has updated its Q&A to provide the valued advice new players

are seeking.

Q: I want to participate in the Alpha Test. How can I be invited to receive a CD-Key?

A: We are hosting various events in the forum to give out CD-Keys. You can sign up for these events, win CD-Keys and get into the Alpha test to find out what fun is in store for you. For comprehensive event introductions, please visit official website and forum to get more information.

Q: I have noticed that you are giving out Leveling Packages in the forum. Should I sign up to get my hands on one of these packages?

A: Yes. This event is being held to help players who have received CD-Keys enjoy the game to the fullest. If you have activated your CD-Key, you need log into the signup page and leave your email address. We will send the code to you three days before the Alpha test begins.

Q: I have received the CD-Key activation code. How can I activate my account?

A: Guides to activate your Alpha testing accounts have been posted on the official site. You can check them out via the following link:

Q: I have participated in the CD-Key giveaway events. How can I get one?

A: We would love to have everyone participate in Alpha Test. But access to the Alpha Test is limited. If you take part in these events and don't receive a CD-Key, it is possible that these events have a limited supply of CD-Keys to give out. You must win in competition to snag one. Here is some good news though. There will be more events held to hand out CD-Keys. If you keep participating in these events, you may be among the lucky ones chosen to receive a CD-Key.

Q: I have activated my account. Why did I fail to log into the game?

A: We are now in the final run up to the Alpha Test and are focused on fixing the inevitable issues and problems that have arisen from testing. We have added new content and are very eager to see the reaction from our players. We will keep you posted as soon as the Alpha test goes live. To keep you updated with latest 2029 news and Alpha test progress, please visit our official site. You can also head to our forum to discuss tips and tricks with other players.

Q: What kind of prizes will I receive by taking part in Alpha test?

A: All testers’ character data will be removed after the Alpha test has closed.. Leveling Packages are given out to our testers to enable them to advance their characters quickly. Besides, we will give all Alpha testers a weapon worth $50 USD in the closed beta phase.

Q: Why am I disconnected from the login sever when I try to log into the forum or official site.

A: Recently we have had some internet problems that will disconnect you from the connection network. But only a very few players will lose their connection when they are trying to log in. We are now fixing these problems.

For more information, please visit

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