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2029 Online

A levelling guide.

The 2029 Online ( development team is a dedicated bunch. They have done an amazing job in designing a game that will draw players into it without devolving into a point and click monster killing bore. The friendly multiple user interface, various prompt message windows and quick locate system will help you breeze through the game efficiently and complete quests without worrying about location coordinates or remembering map names, monsters or NPCs.

With this in mind the 2029 team has drawn up a step by step guide to get you from lowly Level 1 to slightly less lowly Level 10. It’s a small but important first step on your way to becoming a battle hardened warrior of Helen continent. Both main and side quests will be unveiled as you advance to Level 10, slowly drawing you deeper into the storyline and the conflict raging around you.

Gifts from the Alliance

From the first time you step into the game, you will be showered with gifts that will help you get started off right. One of them is the cool Corsair’s (players cannot use them until they hit Level 15, but they can certainly stand next to them to look cooler). Helmets, Armor and Weapons will also be sent to you as well.

The Alliance needs You!

The first quest is to talk to Newbie Trainer Karl. When the dialogue is finished, you will be asked to pick up some weapons based on your class. With these new weapons, you are ready to rock!


Whenever a quest is accepted, you can quickly and easily find your destination by clicking on the name of the monster in your quest log window. Tip: It saves a lot of time to complete all the available quests in your quest log window and then submit them together at the same time.

Leaving the Protection of the Nest

To start with, just focus on collecting quests and completing them. Teaming up with your friends will be an efficient way to level as well. After you hit Level 10, you are ready to seek more challenges in Bright City where you will experience real head to head combat in the Newbie Camp, Clone Factory, 3C Battleground and Sparring Arena.

For more leveling guides, you can visit its official site:

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