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2008 Age Appropriate Game Awards

Honouring demographically appropriate offerings.

PRESS RELEASE – Thursday 18/12/2008

Game People rounds off a year of family game reviews by opening voting for the 2008 Age Appropriate Game Awards.

The opposite of age restrictions and censorship, these awards show off the games that work well for particular ages. Each of the six awards (Infants, Juniors, Students, Workers, Parents and Seniors) highlights games with different qualities that match gamers at different stages of life.

"So often we are trying to keep people away from inappropriate games. It's refreshing to introduce these different groups to experiences tailored for them." - Paul Govan for Game People

Voting has now opened for the overall family game in each category (Infants, Juniors, Students, Workers, Parents and Seniors). Pick your favourites from the list and email them with "2008 Family Game of the Year" as the subject to

Once voting has finished (25/12/2008) and the votes counted we'll be able to announce our top six Age Specific Family Games for 2008.

Notes about Game People

Game People [] started in 2007 to provide space for niche video game writers. Since then we have accrued a rag-tag bunch of interesting hacks (read: writers). We cover games for families, teens, fitness, sport, racing, for returning and even for eclectic gamers.

Our writers now contribute to the Game Pro network, the Wired Blog, Gamasutra and a smattering of local newspapers.

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