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2006 US Finals Come to an End

The 2006 WCG US Final drew to a close on Sunday in Las Vegas with thirteen gamers left standing. Together they form Team USA and will travel to Monza, Italy in October to defend its title of Grand Champion - earned in Singapore, 2005 - against 700 of the world's elite gamers from 70 countries at the highly touted 2006 World Cyber Games Grand Final.

Team 3D won their fifth consecutive US title for Counter-Strike (PC) in dramatic fashion, fending off United 5 in overtime to claim the gold and a chance for their third world title in Italy.

Manny "Master" Rodriguez dropped Daniel "King" Roberson with little trouble to claim the honor of best Dead or Alive 4 (Xbox 360) player in America. DOA4 is quickly becoming a spectator favorite here in the US and Manny is aiming to take down the heavily favored Japanese team in Italy.

In FIFA 06 (PC), Isidro "novushaim" Sifuentes upset two-time US champion Matija "Jevrej" Biljeskovic by an aggregate score of 8 to 3, winning the best of three matches in the final round.

Russ "Ir0nClad" Watson returns to the WCG Grand Final for the first time since 2003 when he competed for Team USA in WarCraft. Franklin has taken up Warhammer: 40,000 (PC) and dropped Steven "Bluewolf" Andersen in the final of that title match.

A naturalized Korean will give the Korean nationals a run for their money in StarCraft (PC), as Geunhwa "lastgosu" Ralph upset Sean "Day" Plott in the StarCraft final. His work will still be cut out for him as StarCraft is the national sport of Korea.

Franklin "nilknarf" Pearsall took the gold in WarCraft III (PC) while Wesley "TTR Ch0mpr" Cwiklo will represent the US in Project Gotham Racing 3 on the Xbox 360.

Kamran "omegaelite" Siddiqui took the gold for Need for Speed: Most Wanted (PC) on Saturday evening.

"Stay focused," offered T.J. Lavin of MTV fame to Team USA during the award ceremony. "Don't let the other players get under your skin. You can talk smack after you win."

In his closing comments, HS Kim, CEO of International Cyber Marketing (ICM) - the global organizers behind the World Cyber Games - emphasized the important role Team USA will have at the 2006 Grand Final.

"There are high expectations from Team USA," said Mr. Kim. "Not only are you defending your Grand Champion status, but with the Grand Final coming to Seattle in 2007 you will be looked upon as emissaries for e-Sports."

Michael Arzt, general manager of ICM USA, thanked all participant of the 2006 WCG season and urged Team USA to, "show the world again that the best gamers are based here in the US."

Winners from the US Final in the six PC and two Xbox 360 games include:

Counter-Strike: Team 3D

- Dave "Moto" Geffon, 24, of Austin, Texas

- Ronald "Rambo" Kim of Dallas, Texas

- Josh "Dominator" Sievers of Polk City, Iowa

- Salvatore "Volcano" Garozzo of Eastchester, New York

- Mike "Method" So of Los Angeles, CA

Warhammer 40k: Russ "Ir0nclad" Watson of Wylie, TX

WarCraft III: Franklin "nilknarf" Pearsall of Kenmore, WA

StarCraft: Geunhwa "lastgosu" Ralph of Palisades Park, NJ

FIFA 06: Isidro "novushaim" Sifuentes of Houston, TX

Need for Speed: Most Wanted: Kamran "omegaelite" Siddiqui of Orlando, FL

Project Gotham Racing 3: Wesley "TTR Ch0mpr" Cwiklo Camarillo, CA

DOA 4: Manny "DOAMASTER" Rodriguez of Dallas, TX

Players and executives are available for interview. Images available by request.

Videos of this weekends matches can be viewed on:

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