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1C Company establishes new office in the UK

1C Company has announced the opening of a new UK office, strengthening the firm's presence in Western markets and laying the foundations for its long term expansion strategy.

1C Company has announced the opening of a new UK office as part of plans to strengthen the firm's presence in Western markets and lay the foundations for a long term expansion strategy.

The new UK division is set to officially open its doors next month and will be led by industry veteran Peter King, who brings more than 14 years experience to the role.

Previously serving as business development and emerging markets manager for Activision, King has also served as European sales director for a number of firms - including Novalogic, TLC / Mindscape and Broderbund.

"As the number one PC publisher and distributor in Russia, it's great to be a part of the push into Western Europe and America," King commented.

"These are exciting times for the Russian market and I hope to share some of my knowledge, gained by working with 1C over the past 5 years, with other main publishers."

As one of the key distributors of PC software titles in Russia, 1C has formed several partnerships with major publishers including THQ, Codemasters, Ubisoft and LucasArts, and is now hoping to massively expand its Western operations.

"We would like to offer a completely new level of services to our partners - we want to be closer to them. Our aim is to make the process of communication between 1C and Western companies easier and more effective," said Nikolay Baryshnikov, 1C's international sales director.