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180.000 registered users!

Today CSports.net reached a historical landmark: we have 180.000 registered users.

CSports.net started life as a conversation in Glasgow Airport, Scotland in 1998 whilst the founders were running the 1998 UK PC Games Championships. As keen computer gamers themselves they knew how absorbing online gaming is but couldn't find a central, well presented and unbiased source of rankings and statistics on the gamers and their games. CSports.net was designed from the ground up to be just that.

Six years later we are on the 4th generation of the technology and website. Our philosophy remains the same which is that

The algorithm should be:

- Simple - and therefore easy to understand

- Innately fair - based on a natural system

- Fun to follow - after all not everyone can be at the top

The display of the rankings and statistics should be:

- Fast

- Simple to navigate

- Involve graphical displays as much as possible

Even six years later, using the very constructive and helpful input from our users, we continue to improve and expand our services. We are very grateful for all the expressions of support we have received over the years. The most flattering of those comments can be viewed here. We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year and look forward to another six years of service.

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