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1483 Online Enters Beta Testing


DAVISON, MI (May 12, 2006) - The Guild of Blades Publishing Group, a market leading board game publisher with its well known Empires of History series of historical board games and other fantasy and role playing games, announces the launch of the 1483 Online beta test. Found at , 1483 Online is a massive multiplayer online (MMO) turn based strategy game of diplomacy and conquest. The 1483 Online beta test is an open beta test, so all gamers around the world are welcome to sign up and play.

In 1483 Online 28 players assume control of one of the leading kingdoms or empires of Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia, set against the historical backdrop of the year 1483 AD. Players must lead their nation's military to defend their lands and seek to expand the realm, using a combination of war, diplomacy and economic development. 1483 Online is a new style of game focussing on turn based play with rapid games progressing at just one turn per day and

standard free games at just one turn per week. This new form of turn based, MMO gaming allows all players an equal footing on game play time dedicated to a single game and lets the players communicate via the internal communication mail system, freely and equally with other players to conduct diplomatic relations. The game rewards alliance building and shrewd diplomacy coupled with a solid strategic use of military units and resources rather than simply rewarding players

with more time to dedicate to a game, or skill with a mouse.

1483 Online is an online computer game adaptation of the GUild of Blades' popular board game, Europe 1483. First run online in late 1999 as a human moderated "Play By E-mail Game", 1483 Online quickly gathered a small and dedicated fan base of several thousand players. Now with the

fully automated computer game and online gaming experience, the Guild of BLades expects the highly anticipated 1483 Online game to explode onto the MMO gaming scene. They currently have plans to expand this new style of MMO gaming to include other Empires of History board games

converted for online play, plus will expand 1483 Online game maps to go from its current 28 player base up to a full world adaptation of the board game series, allowing for 84 players per game.

The Guild of Blades presently plans to maintain a completely free downloading of the 1483 Online software and allow all players to have access to free game play accounts that will allow players

continual access to a small number of ongoing games. The venture will be supported by Enhanced Memberships offering more game play opportunities and advanced features, display advertising, and the sales of products published by the Guild of Blades Publishing Group. This mix of play options will allow players from all over the world to play with no need of credit cards, checks or other payment options, and allow those players wanting more to buy affordable packages start at just $9.95 annually.

To join the beta test for 1483, visit to create an account.


Founded in 1996, the Guild of Blades Publishing Group began as a small game publishing firm producing inexpensive miniatures and role playing game systems. In 1999 the company expanded into board games, which quickly became the mainstay of its production lines and allowed for the rapid expansion of the company. Since that time the Guild of Blades Publishing Group has acquired a couple other small publishers and now operates its own production facilities in Davison, MI, in addition to launching its new interactive division to publish 1483 Online and other turn based MMO games. For further information on the Guild of Blades Publishing Group visit

For further information contact:
Ryan S. Johnson
Guild of Blades Publishing Group

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