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14 British Cyber-Olympians Head To Singapore To Do Battle

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This weekend saw the best of the best of British finger-bashers taking part in the UK National Finals to decide who will ultimately play at the WorldCyberGames Grand Final - the videogames equivalent of the Olympics. It took place on 28th October at NamcoStation in London's County Hall and was a hard fought event where the slightest mistake took players out of contention.

Every year the WorldCyberGames Grand Finals takes place in Asia with the top video-game players from around the globe battling it out for Gold medals and superb prizes that befit the "Olympics" of computer gaming. Last year alone the Finals carried a staggering £200,000 prize fund spread across many different genres, ranging from ultra-violent beat-em-ups to brain-teasing strategy games.

This year the UK, sponsored by Samsung, will be sending an elite team of 14 players to Singapore to attend the World Finals with the squad consisting of:

Counter-Strike Source 5v5

Reason Gaming - David "Splatio" Stocker, Michael "Shift" Walker, James "Littleb" Barker, Mark "Phunky" Harwood & Nick "Rig" Morris

Halo 2 2v2

4Kings - Mark "La1" Thurston & Dean "Ruffell" Ruffell

Need for Speed Underground 2

James "acelethal" Potts

Need for Speed Underground 2 Challenge

Robert "Xanthippus" Haxton

StarCraft BroodWar

Jamie John "ToT-MidiaN" Hallam

WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne

Benjamin "Landed'Ben" Baker

WarHammer 40,000: Dawn of War

John "Viper" Bryce

FIFA Football 2005

Stephen "d'hamil" Hamilton

Dead or Alive 2: Ultimate

Richard "Gruntdude" Newton

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