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10TACLE STUDIOS AG exclusive production and distribution partner of a new game fund

Darmstadt (Germany), 21 June 2005: The issuing house AAA Capital - Atlantic Investitionsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG which successfully made available the investment model of closed-end media funds to the computer games industry the year before in Germany, now with the AAA Capital Game Fund No 2 gives the investors once more the opportunity to invest money in this growth industry. Just like with the first project 10TACLE STUDIOS AG from Darmstadt is once more the exclusive production and distribution partner that - thanks to its wide knowledge in the computer games industry - accounts for the quality of the products and presents a sound mixture of future games to the fund. The participation offer is supposed to generate 16.2 million Euros by the end of the year which 10TACLE will invest in mulit-platform projects by German and European developers to be released by 2008.

The AAA Capital Game Fund No 1 which had a placement volume of 15 million Euros last year impressively demonstrates that this type of investment is extremely promising. The first product financed with these funds, the historic racing simulation "GT Legends", will be released by the end of this year. The game caused a sensation with the press on the international trade show E3 in Los Angeles. Due to its high product quality "GT Legends" has received several awards for being the best sports game. This successful kickoff and the positive feedback of the distribution partners already clearly indicate that 10TACLE will by far exceed the minimum sales guarantees that are necessary for the fund.

Michele Pes, CEO of 10TACLE STUDIOS AG: "We are really delighted that our common endeavours with our partner AAA Capital - Atlantic last year have paid off. We were able to arouse many a shareholder's interest in the subject of computer games and we have succeeded in increasing people's trust in the constant growth of our industry. Many shareholders who were still a bit hesitant last year now take the initiative and want to get involved with this extremely dynamic market."

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10TACLE STUDIOS AG is one of the leading German game-publishers. As a facilitator between investors, developers, and distributors in the games industry, the company fills an important gap in the current business field. Founded by CEO Michele Pes in August 2003, the company now employs 100 associates in its locations in Darmstadt, Hannover, Bratislava, and Singapore. With its product portfolio 10TACLE covers all three major pillars of interactive entertainment: online, offline, and wireless.

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