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10TACLE secures exclusive Oktoberfest licence!

The biggest and most famous public festival will now also be incorporated into the games industry.

Darmstadt (Germany), March 30th, 2005: Every year, the renowned Oktoberfest in Munich attracts millions of people from across the world. It is synonymous of fun, a great atmosphere and wild partying. A good enough reason for 10TACLE STUDIOS AG to now also develop PC, video and mobile phone games set in the pavillions, fun rides and fairground booths of the famous venue Münchner Wiesn. Consequently 10T recently secured the exclusive worldwide licensing rights with regards to the biggest public festival and its official mascot, a Bavarian dachshund referred to as "Wies'n Wastl".

To Frank Holz, Marketing Director of 10TACLE STUDIOS AG, international brand awareness was one of the most important criteria concerning the choice of a licence. "Groups of tourists from every part of the world find their way to Munich in time to the Oktoberfest. Be it people from Australia, Japan or America - everybody wants to experience the "Bavarian spectacle" first hand.

By launching games focusing on the Oktoberfest, we hope to capture the fascination of this unique phenomenon and make it accessible to the general public. We are already looking forward to soon also welcoming all the players with the words "O'zapft is!"[1]

[1] Bavarian for "One draught beer!"


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