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10 New ingame CRC2005 screens showing what NOT to do to your car.

April 22th 2005 - Invictus Games and Project Three Interactive today released 10 new ingame screenshots for their upcoming race simulator 'Cross Racing Championship 2005'. The featured screens, filled up with twisted metal and flying debris, showcase CRC2005's unique real-time damage system and car deformations in particular.

Lead Programmer Dénes Nagymáthé explains: 'Every car has its own damage characteristics and weaknesses produced by its shape, mass, and physical structure. Using vertex-based chassis and part deformation, every impact produces a unique

result, as mesh deformation is calculated real-time based on the actual collision impulse vector. Damaged doors and hoods are flapping and falling down just like the bumpers, wheels or other parts. Impacts on wheels can deform the geometry of the suspension, making the wheel

wobble, get nipped or stuck, pulling the entire car to one side.

Another nice aspect of the damage system, is the particle system with its varied effects. Sparks fly all around as the car scrapes the barriers, and even windscreens and windows can be blown into tiny pieces. This looks especially nice when played back in slow motion replay. In addition you will be able to hear and feel every jump and bump as the suspension

and the chassis creaks and squeaks".

For more information, please visit our website on: and be sure to pay a visit to our forums as well. The game still is very much on target for a May 2005 release.

A final playable demo is in the making and will be released within the following weeks.

Buckle up and stay tuned for CRC2005!


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