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Blitz Games Studios launches initiative to support indie developers, starting with Stickman Studios.

In a move to help smaller developers get their games to market, Blitz Games Studios has launched its 1>UP initiative.

The scheme uses the experience, contacts and expertise Blitz has gathered over its 17 years, and offers bespoke packages to upcoming indie developers.

Piloted with the first company to be signed – Stickman Studios and their game Buccaneer: Pursuit of Infamy – the initiative was recently taken to Games Connection Lyon by Chris Swan, Blitz Arcade’s business development director.

“With more than 230 employees, we’ve amassed a wealth of useful development experience across all areas,” he explains. “We can potentially offer services ranging from audio and QA to our own established cross-platform BlitzTech engine. Even access to our huge network of contacts could be utilised for appropriate projects.”

Working this way is not new to Blitz, as they have been working on this basis for the past 12 months with Stickman Studios and another company, Regolith Games. Formalising the scheme into the Blitz 1>UP is much more than a PR exercise however.

“Previously we’ve handled projects on an ad hoc basis,” explains CEO Philip Oliver. “We’ve formalised the scheme now to show other potential partners what we can offer. It feels appropriate as a large, responsible games developer to try and help other companies where we can.”

Each deal will be tailor-made for the developer in question, depending on their needs.

“It’s down to what makes sense in the given situation,” says Chris. “We’re starting off small as, although we’re one of the largest independent developers, we obviously don’t have infinite resources. People who know Blitz know that Blitz 1>UP is definitely an extension of our ethics, but it has to make commercial sense for both parties too. We are convinced there will be many additional ‘win-win’ opportunities to be made with fellow developers.”

For developers interested in discussing further opportunities, please contact us via our website at:

For press only:

For more information, please contact: Debbie Henderson, Assistant PR Manager, Blitz Games Studios

T: +44 (0) 1926 880000


About Blitz Games Studios:

Blitz Games Studios is based in Leamington Spa and was founded in 1990 by industry veterans Andrew and Philip Oliver and now has more than 230 staff. Its five divisions encompass mature titles (Volatile Games), Serious Games (TruSim), family titles (Blitz Games), in-house technology (Blitz Tech) and downloadable games (Blitz Arcade).

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