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$1 Million Intel Make Something Unreal Contest

"Best Character/Customization Pack" and "Best Mutator" Phase 1 finalists unveiled.

CARY, N.C. – September 9, 2008 – Epic Games, Inc. today announced Phase 1 finalists for the “Best Character/Customization Pack” and “Best Mutator” categories in its $1 Million Intel Make Something Unreal Contest. The competition rewards top mods created for Unreal Tournament 3 with cash and hardware prizes in four preliminary phases and a grand final judging. Epic will reveal the winners in all 10 Phase 1 categories later this month at the Austin Game Developers Conference, September 15-17, 2008.

The Best Character/Customization Pack finalists are recognized as follows:

Albino Mouse, Bunny, Easter Bunny, Lab Mouse, Marked Mouse, Wounded Bunny and Zombie Mouse characters from Rodents Faction by David Hagemann


Hel Character by Arn "ShadowBlade" Richert and Nolan "Dark Carnivour" Richert of Runestorm


Nyota by “Apoptoid”


Spy, a Project Stealth Custom Character by “goodkebab”


Epic would like to recognize the following Best Character/Customization Pack submissions with an honorable mention:

The Butcher by Benjamin Leary


Alios by Adam Krause


Jagoreth Alien Bounty Hunter by Jason “BitterPill” Cecrle


Dynah by Miguel "Mandinga" Oubina


Kevin from Cubes of Serenity by Anna Beck-Thomsen, Lawrence Johnson, Jens Hammerhøj, André Johansen, Martin Larsen, Janusch Häring


The Best Mutator finalists are recognized as follows:

Apoc MatrixMoves by Rob "[Apoc]Death" Gutermuth


BattleRPG by Nico “BattleMode” de Vries


Excessive Overkill by Dan “MadNad” Woodall


Gun Game by Roberto "3r Ch4mp1" Estrada


Jetpack by Martin “Pfhoenix” Actor


Newtators by “OlympusMons”


Psionic Storm by Andrew Glover


RealWeapons by John “bez” Beswick


Relic Madness by Javier "Xaklse" Osset


Sentinel by Miles Asva


Epic will begin accepting submissions for Phase 2 of the $1 Million Intel Make Something Unreal Contest on September 30, 2008, and the entry deadline for Phase 2 is October 17, 2008. Participation in Phase 1 is not required for eligibility in Phase 2. Visit www.makesomethingunreal.com for more details on the contest.

About the $1 Million Intel Make Something Unreal Contest

In the all-new $1 Million Intel Make Something Unreal Contest, aspiring game developers create modifications (“mods”) for the PC version of Unreal Tournament 3 in a range of categories including levels, characters, weapons, game types, tools, vehicles and more. Winnings exceed well over $1 million in value, consisting of one coveted Unreal Engine 3 license as a grand prize in addition to other cash awards and prizes, including Intel® Software Development Products and Velocity Micro PCs based on the Intel® Dual Socket Extreme Desktop Platform with two Intel® Core™2 Extreme quad-core processors. The 2008 “$1 Million Intel Make Something Unreal Contest” will be judged in four preliminary phases and a grand final. Judging began in June 2008 and will conclude, with the grand final prizes being awarded, in late 2009. For more information, visit www.makesomethingunreal.com.

About Unreal Tournament 3

Published by Midway, Unreal Tournament 3 marks the return of the world's premiere first-person shooter to the PC, and its debut on the Xbox 360™ and PLAYSTATION®3. Unreal Tournament 3 unleashes the full power of Unreal Engine 3, taking graphics, gameplay and challenge to a whole new level. Players engage in intense battles with other human players online, or against Unreal artificial intelligence that sets the industry standard. With the most powerful futuristic weapons and vehicles available, this is FPS action at its best! More information about Unreal Tournament 3 can be found online at www.unrealtournament3.com.

About Unreal Engine 3

The award-winning Unreal Engine is known for cutting-edge graphics and its best-of-breed toolset. Unreal Engine 3 maintains those features while adding massive world support, multi-processor support, next-generation console optimizations, and one of the most mature tool pipelines in the industry. Unreal Engine 3's advanced toolset is designed specifically to accelerate developers' productivity for ultra-complex, next-generation content. Additional information on Unreal Engine can be obtained through the Unreal Technology Web site at www.unrealtechnology.com.

About Epic Games

Epic Games, Inc., based in Cary, NC and established in 1991, develops cutting-edge games and cross-platform game engine technology. The company has created multiple million-selling, award-winning titles in its Unreal series, most recently shipping Unreal Tournament 3 for PC, PLAYSTATION®3 and Xbox 360™. Epic’s breakthrough game, Gears of War, sold 5 million copies and won over 30 game of the year awards. The highly anticipated sequel, Gears of War 2, is scheduled for release on November 7, 2008. Epic's Unreal Engine 3 is the current holder and three-time consecutive winner of Game Developer magazine’s Best Engine Front Line Award. Additional information about Epic can be obtained through the Epic Games Web site at www.epicgames.com.

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