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East meets West - How Capcom is evolving to meet a global audience

In his first interview as Capcom Europe COO, Stuart Turner talks new development habits, Resident Evil 7 and the future of fighters

Resident Evil 7 tops UK January charts after less than a week on sale

Capcom's horror game helps physical market recover following slow start to the year

Almost 87,000 Resident Evil 7 users have tried the game in PSVR

Data on the game's official website pegs the figure at 9.5% of players so far

Resident Evil series sales surpass 75m

2.5m units of Resident Evil 7 shipped to retail so far

Resident Evil 7: Critical Consensus

Critics are united in praise of the series' most frightening game in a decade

Has Capcom saved Resident Evil?

The development team discusses VR, sales trends, horror and building one of the riskiest Resident Evil games to-date

Resident Evil director working on Monster Hunter movie

Paul W.S. Anderson shopping a script with hopes to turn another Capcom franchise into a cinematic universe

Square Enix and Capcom march towards contrasting futures

Is Capcom's traditionalism or Square's rapid evolution the best survival strategy?

Capcom expects Resident Evil 7 to sell 4 million

Publisher sets more modest goal for latest zombie game, explains why it doesn't have more big releases and comments on Switch support

Capcom sales drop 9.4% in half-year figures

Publisher says 40% operating income fall is in line with expectations

Capcom bans pro player for sexual harassment

Noel Brown gone for the season after grabbing a woman on camera, second offense will result in lifetime ban

Capcom forecasts digital shift after solid fiscal year results

Packaged games will receive "limited sales runs" as the company pursues growth in digital games and Asian markets

Capcom unites mobile studios into single division

Capcom Mobile Co. promises "aggressive" use of popular IP in mobile games for global release

Monster Hunter drives Capcom forwards again

Nine-month results buoyed by performance of Monster Hunter X, both revenue and profits on the up

Capcom giving eSports a fighting chance

Publisher is finally treating eSports like a business, hoping to use exclusivity to turn Street Fighter V into the future of competitive gaming

Capcom reports broad six-month profit decline

Digital, Arcade and Pachinko segments all down over last year, overall revenue up 22 per cent

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate ships 4 million

Latest release is first in series to break 1 million copies sold between North America and Europe

Capcom's Resident Evil division "focusing" on VR

RE5 producer Jun Takeuchi's group working on a new engine designed for virtual reality

Mega Man movie in the works

20th Century Fox and Planet of the Apes production company trying to bring Blue Bomber to big screen

Capcom's arcade business drives strong Q1

Resident Evil 6 machine proves popular, but mobile revenues fall by more than 50 per cent

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