Established in 1976, Apple is a multinational corporation (corporate headquarters based in California) that designs and markets consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers.

Apple's best-known products include Macintosh computers, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad.

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Future iOS updates could end support for 32-bit apps

Fresh warnings in last iPhone and iPad update

App Store developers can now respond to user reviews

Curiously absent feature will allow devs to acknowledge user issues and discuss solutions

Brexit leads to iOS App Store price jump

Apple raising prices by just under 25% to account for pound's depreciation since vote to leave the EU

Apple names Clash Royale its iPhone GOTY, Reigns is Runner Up

Pokémon Go beaten by only Snapchat and Messenger in terms of App Store downloads in 2016

Apple: Mario, Pokemon and iPhone 7

Update: Nintendo stock jumped almost 30% on news of Mario's mobile debut, nearing its Pokémon Go peak

Apple will allow subscriptions for games

App Store opening up option for all apps; revenue share for subscription devs will increase after a year

Apple announces smaller iPhone SE and iPad Pro

iPhone starts at $399, 9.7 inch iPad Pro starts at $599

Apple posts record profits in Q1, prepares for Q2 decline

As active install base reaches 1 billion, Apple forecasts first quarterly revenue decline in 13 years

AppleTV has games potential, but its limitations disappoint

Technical limits create headaches for developers as lack of service offering could prevent new platform finding a big market early on

Apple revenue up 33% year-on-year

But quiet on Watch sales numbers

Apple names Design Award winners

Super Evil Megacorp, Mediocre AB, Hipster Whale and Triada Studio win

The App Store is changing - for the better

"Apple's move shows that it is serious about reversing the race to the bottom, and putting companies that treat players like cattle in the back seat"

Apple acquires augmented reality specialists

Metaio offers solutions for smartphones, silent on deal

Apple sold 61.2m iPhones in first 3 months of 2015

China now biggest overseas market for tech giant

Watch with Apple: Developer perspectives

TheCodingMonkeys, Eyes Wide Games and more on developing for Apple's latest tech

Apple Watch US preorders near 1M on first day - Report

Slice Intelligence estimates suggest many customers preordered multiple watches, preferred 42mm case size

Apple Watch on sale April 24, starts at $349

18 hours of battery life for a "typical day" New MacBook announced

Apple to be honored with first Technical Impact Award at DICE

Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences adds new awards category, praises Apple for democratizing content

Apple and apps partner for World AIDS Day

Proceeds from 25 apps to go to Global AIDs Fund

Apple appoints interim head of public relations

Steve Dowling replaces Katie Cotton

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  • Cupertino
  • California
  • 95014
  • United States

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