CCP's Dust 514 is F2P, PSN-only

Eve spin-off shooter funded by micro-transactions and PS3 exclusive

Eve Online developer CCP has revealed that its upcoming massively online shooter Dust 514 will be a free to play title, funded by in-game purchases - but exclusive to PlayStation 3 and only released via PSN.

However, it will be linked to the PC-only Eve, in what is being pitched as one giant online universe. "A single bullet fired on the planet below can pivot the balance of power in EVE Online," stated CCP. "Every action has consequences, and every reaction has the potential to topple empires."

Both games will share the same shard-based server, revealed CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Petursson at Sony's pre-E3 conference last night (as documented by here). "We're taking a console shooter and connecting it directly to a PC MMO."

Little information on how this would work in practice was given, but a closed beta for Dust is due before the end of 2011, with a full release via PSN mooted for next Spring.

Move support is promised, while CCP also plans to bring some element of the game to PlayStation Vita/NGP.

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Latest comments (9)

Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game6 years ago
Originally wasn't it 360 exclusive? Is the change to do with the pricing model?
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Aleksi Ranta Category Management Project Manager 6 years ago
Might be. Im not that familiar with what you can actually do with MS-points but it seems strange that MS couldnt handle microtransactions through the points system? 1 point for a tank? 2 points for carpet bomb?

It does seems strange that CCP would limit the appeal of their console offering to just PS3? Or maybe all Eve players own the system? who knows :)
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John Donnelly Quality Assurance 6 years ago
Aleksi, I think from reading between the lines here is the abality for CCP to link this back to Eve and its backend.
Sony are more open about allowing cross platform support where as Microsoft is not.
I am not saying its not possible but it may be a factor in the decision made by CCP.
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Sergiu Badau Wittenberger QA Tester 6 years ago
Initially they announced that it would run on both platforms, but most likely because of the xbox closed system, and the fact that updates to the game cost the developer they moved to the PS3
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Abraham Tatester Producer 6 years ago
I had always assumed Dust 514 would be released for the consoles AND PC. You know, so EVE Online players could play it. That would have made sense, no?

If it's not on PC, doesn't that automatically eliminate a good chunk of highly-interested and potential players?
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Mark Hill Studying Computing & Networks, University of Abertay Dundee6 years ago
Abraham - CCP always said this was going to be console only, with vague statements implying that they aren't really considering a PC port. Probably for two reasons:
1) The usual PC vs Console multiplayer stuff, this would conceptually require everyone in the game to be able to interact, so they couldn't build a wall between PC and Console players. This is only going to cause player irritation.
2) They have stated they want to bring the CCP brand to an entirely new market.

Dust sounds like (it could be) a really amazing game - but I suspect it's going to be a commercial failure, there's too many things stacked up against it. Here's to hoping CCP sticks with it like they did EVE, and keep building on it until it becomes a cult favourite.
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Loris Rio Marketing Assistant, Riot Games6 years ago
Wow linking the "fate" of pc-players of a pc-only game to a console-only shooter, that's sounds extremely risky....moreover when we know how pc players usually hate playing a shooter with a console controller, I hardly see them going to their ps3 to play it….really curious to see how it will work out, I might have too strong preconceptions 
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Max Priddy6 years ago
I'm liking this, the fact it's freemium means that it'll be low-risk entry for players (I refuse to say consumers, such an ugly word!) so they can easily reel in the PSN userbase, and the scale of ambition to it - I can't imagine it'll be that 1 bullet can make all the difference in the universe, more that each player in a battle will be like a cog in the great war machine that ultimately decides the fate of territorial control etc.

Either way I'm liking it, not to mention I'm a sucker for sci-fi/space stuff so yeah, looking forward to see how this all plays out!
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Fran Mulhern , Recruit3D6 years ago
Interested in seeing how this works out:)
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