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Hogrocket rises from the ashes of Bizarre

Wed 23 Mar 2011 10:36am GMT / 6:36am EDT / 3:36am PDT

New studio focusing on iOS and PC opens this month

Bizarre Creations

Bizarre Creations is a medium sized video game developer based in Liverpool, England.


Three ex-members of Bizarre Creations have founded new studio Hogrocket, with an unannounced project already in the works.

Ben Ward, Stephen Cakebread and Peter Collier have founded the studio, alongside a number of contractors. Currently, plans are to focus in iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC, with long-term aims to widen platform reach further.

"It's extremely exciting to be starting a studio right now, but massively daunting too," said Ward via the studio website. "Luckily we've spent a lot of time making plans and scheduling our time, and we've got to the point where we almost know what we're doing! Hopefully they won't be my famous last words!

It's extremely exciting to be starting a studio right now, but massively daunting too.

Ben Ward, Hogrocket.

"Our first project is under way, but we're keeping quiet as to exactly what it is for a little while longer yet. Don't get me wrong - we're keen to share as much as possible publicly though - part of the reason of running an indie studio is to be more open and closer to gamers.

"We're currently prototyping a cool idea and it's looking really nice, but the next stage (now that we're announced) is to let our friends play the game and take their feedback on board."

Previously, Ward was the studio communications manager at Bizarre, whilst Collier was a senior level designer. Cakebread is credited as being the creator of the Geometry Wars series.


Good luck to the three of you! I hope it becomes a very successful venture for you. I've signed up to the mailing list too see how things progress.

Posted:3 years ago


Nick Burcombe
CEO & Co Founder

53 16 0.3
Hooray! New Northwest Devs. Good luck with everything you're doing guy.

Posted:3 years ago

Awesome chaps, well done and good luck!

Posted:3 years ago


Dan Lowe
3D Animator

46 68 1.5
Great news! Three of the nicest, most talented guys at Bizarre, who all deserve every success. Definitely one to watch; I predict great things. :)

Posted:3 years ago

Best of luck fellas!

Posted:3 years ago


Christopher Pickford

54 76 1.4
Agree with Dan, these chaps are ones to watch. Can't wait to see what comes out of the studio :)

Posted:3 years ago


Andrew Goodchild
Studying development

1,245 401 0.3
Awesome studio name

Posted:3 years ago


Barrie Tingle
Live Producer

374 148 0.4
Congrats to the guys there, I remember when I used to be Ben Ward's line manager at EA UK. They grow up so fast :)

Posted:3 years ago


Antony Cain

263 21 0.1
"Awesome studio name"

and logo! Good luck to them

Posted:3 years ago


Neil Aldis
Assistant Manager, Mobile Project Development

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Some good news? On a Wednesday? Outrageous!

Posted:3 years ago


Gareth Wilson
Design Director

10 25 2.5
Good luck gents - I'm 100% certain you wont need it :)

Posted:3 years ago


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