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Romero lashes out at Gamecock's Wilson

Doom designer and id Software co-founder John Romero has used his blog to lash out at David Wilson, CEO of Gamecock.

Doom designer and id Software co-founder John Romero has used his blog to lash out at Mike Wilson, CEO of Gamecock.

Romero accuses Wilson of taking the credit for the work of developers on his Gamecock roster, labelling the publisher's marketing and events such as EIEIO as "jackass stunts".

"Once again, just like with Godgames, Wilson is taking all the credit away from the indie devs and pasting his asinine logo everywhere," said Romero in a recent blog post.

"People are now starting to get a clue about how Mr. Wilson operates. Hey everyone, he hasn't changed in over 10 years — these are the kinds of jackass stunts he pulled at Ion Storm."

Romero and Wilson worked together at id Software and later at Ion Storm, before Wilson established Gathering of Developers (Godgames), which eventually became part of Take-Two.

"It got much worse at Godgames where he pretty much just partied all the time and after the whole thing got reined in by Take-Two he went underground for a while, waiting for his next victim/investor so he could go hogwild all over again. And thus was born Gamecock."

Wilson and Gamecock partner Harry Miller will be in the UK next week to help establish a European office in London ahead of planned releases for 2008.

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