Tripwire Interactive

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Shipwright Studios cuts ties with Tripwire Interactive over president's anti-abortion views

Update: Chivalry 2 creator Torn Banner Studios also distances itself from Tripwire

Killing Floor games have sold nearly 10m units

Original game, its sequel, and VR entry have brought in over $100m in total revenue

Tripwire Interactive opens a publishing division

Maneater and Road Redemption will be the first games published on the new label

Paid betas hurt Early Access - Tripwire

Killing Floor 2 studio's Alan Wilson says some developers are disrespecting customers and Valve by charging for broken, buggy games

Tripwire: "Second golden age for PC gaming"

Though Killing Floor developer recognises it can be tough for indies

Tripwire: Valve "absolutely not" exploiting indies with Steam

Every publisher has conflicts of interest, says co-founder


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