Sony Ericsson

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Sony Ericsson now Sony Mobile Communications

Acquisition finalised for mobile phone company

€247 million loss for Sony Ericsson

CEO blames economy and natural disasters for falling sales and profit

Sony pays €1.05bn to buy out Ericsson

Mobile handset business to become completely owned subsidiary

Sony expected to buy out Ericsson from handset partnership

Platform holder thought to be preparing for mobile takeover

Sony Ericsson's Tim Harrison

On where the Xperia Play stands now, and where he hopes it's heading

PopCap titles come to Android phones in Europe

Games to be preloaded on Sony Ericsson Xperia handsets

Minecraft Android will hit Xperia Play first

Xperia Play gains major timed exclusive ahead of U.S. hardware launch

PSone game sales on Xperia Play below 1,000 downloads

Destruction Derby is most popular title, but most downloads peak at 500

Vodafone delays Xperia Play on eve of release

Sony Ericsson unable to supply handset in time for launch

O2 delays adoption of Xperia Play over software issues

Network currently "working with Sony Ericsson to get these bugs ironed out"

Xperia Play to launch in UK on March 31

Device comes pre-loaded with 6 games, Sony exploring alternative retail options

Union on board to bring games to Xperia Play

Platform deal sees reciprocal benefits as Unity games promoted on store

20 publishers, 50 games for Xperia Play launch

Big names for PlayStation phone's March release

Xperia Play coming to UK networks this April

'PlayStation Phone' to be available on O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange

'PlayStation Phone' confirmed at last

Sony makes Xperia Play official; full reveal next week

PlayStation Phone specs under scrutiny again

New round of speculation as Chinese site parades leaked model

Sony Ericsson boss drops strong hints on PSP phone

"There's a lot of smoke... there must be a fire somewhere" - Nordberg

PSP phone rumours fuelled by new pictures

UPDATE: PSPgo look-a-like features multi-touch panel, shoulder buttons, SD card support

Sony launches PS3 compatible Aino mobile handset

Remote Play enabled phone goes on sale in UK at 399.99

Sony to create PSP Phone project team

A PSP and Sony Ericsson phone hybrid could be imminent, says report


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