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Leisure Suit Larry creator leaves Replay Games

Al Lowe has decided that it is time to return to retirement

Replay Games appoints Josh Mandel as CCO

Veteran of Sierra Online and Sega will take on new creative role

Replay and Al Lowe not looking to sue Wisecrack over Sam Suede

Al Lowe confirms his intention not to sue studio, relays that things are OK between companies

Replay set to sue Wisecrack over Sam Suede

Drama over Kickstarter project that features Al Lowe against his will

Leisure Suit Larry Team on Sex, Comedy and Kickstarter

We chat with Al Lowe, Josh Mandel and Paul Trowe about reviving the old Sierra franchise in a modern era

Leisure Suit Larry Kickstarter raises over $650,000

Replay Games has crossed over its goal for Larry's return with room to spare


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