Intellivision Entertainment

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Recent articles about Intellivision Entertainment

Intellivision Entertainment hasn't generated revenue since launch

The company may only be able to operate until July 2022 if it doesn't succeed in raising more funds

Phil Adam replaces Tommy Tallarico as CEO of Intellivision

Tallarico will remain at the Amico maker as board member and president

Intellivision Amico delayed again

The retro console is now due to launch "by the end of the year"

Interplay silent on Earthworm Jim developer's racist, homophobic remarks

Update: TenNapel and Intellivision confirm he is an "unpaid consultant" on Earthworm Jim 4

Intellivision Amico delayed to April 2021

Upcoming retro games console pushed back six months due to "constraints imposed by the global pandemic"

Xbox co-founder J Allard heads up Intellivision

Former Microsoft exec will oversee launch of upcoming Intellivision Amico console this October


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