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Trion Worlds acquires Gazillion Entertainment assets

Rift developer hopes to expand MMO portfolio through acquisition, third-party relationships

Gazillion Entertainment has officially shut down

Marvel Heroes goes offline a month ahead of schedule as studio closes

Multiple layoffs at Gazillion day before Thanksgiving

Staff to lose insurance, severance, and paid time off

Gazillion faces surge of refund requests after Marvel Heroes closure news

Players frustrated after spending hundreds of dollars on in-game microtransactions

Marvel Heroes to close down as Disney terminates Gazillion partnership

Future remains uncertain for Marvel Heroes staff

Tom Kalinske gets back in the game

After 20 years away from the industry, Sega's Genesis-era CEO takes chairman role at Marvel Heroes developer Gazillion

Gazillion CEO David Brevik resigns

Dave Dohrmann now acting CEO

Gazillion confirms layoffs

Marvel Heroes 2015 developer undergoes unspecified number of cuts

David Brevik: Fun And Profit In Marvel Heroes

Is the Marvel license a ticket to free-to-play success? Gazillion Entertainment is about to find out

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online crosses 4 million players

Gazillion's family-friendly Marvel title will have a relaunched portal

Marvel Heroes: No Nickel and Dime Operation

Six years in the making, David Brevik is promising a true free-to-play MMO for comic book fans

Gazillion shuts free-to-play game Fortune Online

Publisher will focus all efforts on two Marvel properties

Gazillion MMO licenses Unreal Engine 3

Marvel Heroes to use Epic Games' tech for Secret Identity Studios project

Brevik: "MMOs are in a rut"

The Old Republic will be the last subs MMO, free-to-play transition fraught with problems

A Gazillion Little Pieces

From Diablo to Marvel Universe, Gazillion's David Brevik has some stories to tell

Ex-Cryptic boss joins Gazillion as CEO

Needham joins rival MMO outfit days after leaving Atari firm

Gazillion sheds staff at NetDevil

UPDATE: LEGO Group buys game and staff, before making lay-offs

Gazillion promotes former Blizzard North boss to COO

David Brevik made second-in-command at Lego/Marvel Universe dev

Codemasters seeking damages over Jumpgate delay

Publisher files complaint against Gazillion and NetDevil

Marvel MMO maker Gazillion raises $60m

Publisher secures funding for continued expansion ahead of first super hero release next year


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