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Qube and RedBedlam partner on MMO development toolset

Messiah to provide "complete one-stop solution" for creation of virtual platforms

UK technology solutions providers Qube Software and RedBedlam have joined forces to produce a new toolset for companies looking to create MMO or virtual world environments.

The software, called Messiah, links RedBedlam's ZoneBubble System server technology with Qube's Q universal client, which will allow users to experience an "all-genre all-platform" 3D experience online without the need for building in loading time for new zones.

"ZoneBubbles includes some of the most feature-rich massively concurrent server middleware on the market," said Qube founder Servan Keondjian. "Combining it with Q offers developers the most flexible, and most scalable, one-stop solution ever seen for online 3D world development, hosting, delivery and viewing."

And Kerry Fraser-Robinson, RedBedlam's founder, added: "ZoneBubbles delivers a better user experience while slashing operating overheads. In this climate just throwing money and hardware at a problem isn't an option. ZBS is a proven technology that reduces hardware and hosting costs, while preserving features and scalability options."

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