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Play It applies for injunction against I-Play

Following Play It Ltd's recent decision to seek legal advice over Digital Bridges' rebranding, the company has announced that it has applied for an interim injunction.

If granted, the injunction would prevent Digital Bridges from using its new I-play marque, which Play It says represents a copyright infringement.

The Play It logo consists of the company name printed in a white and black font, with the 'It' element appearing on a red ball. The company is objecting to the fact that the I-play logo also uses a red ball, and that the slogan "You name it, I play it" appears on the company's website.

"Our attempts to deal with this matter out of court have failed," said Play It CEO Mark Cale. "Therefore we have been forced to follow a legal route to prevent what we see as potential profound damage being done to our company identity."

I-play CEO Brian Greasley responded: âAs we have stated previously, I-play disputes Play Itâs legal claim and is vigorously defending its position.â

The application will be heard at London's Royal Courts of Justice on Thursday April 21.

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