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Not yet game over, says Zucker

Midway's former CEO David Zucker isn't fazed by speculation that continued losses will spell the end for the troubled publisher

Midway's former CEO David Zucker isn't fazed by speculation that continued losses mean it will soon be "game over" for the troubled publisher.

"I think they've been saying that for five years or so," he told GamesIndustry.biz.

In the final interview before his departure, Zucker continued to emphasise the company's significant investment in their next-gen console technology.

"It's all about making great games. We've been very focused on building up our technology and positioning ourselves to grow our revenues as we go through this console cycle," he said.

In 2007, the company essentially launched two of its first next-gen titles, but in 2008 it plans to have significantly more frontline releases that it did last year - not just new iterations in the Mortal Kombat, Ballers and Blitz franchises, but new IP such as The Wheelman and This is Vegas.

"As long as we make relevant games, we feel that we can continue to grow our business.

"Our strategy is to grow the size and scale so that we can thrive in the next-generation environment."

Even faced with 2007 losses of USD 97.4 million, Zucker was not willing to concede defeat - nor would he discuss the possibility of a merger or acquisition.

"Our goal is to grow our revenues and get to profitability as quickly as possible in this next console cycle," he said.

That goal will have to be achieved under new leadership, however, as Zucker was replaced yesterday by an interim CEO.

The complete final interview with David Zucker can be read here.

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