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Nintendo leads Microsoft and Sony in "most reputable" list

Wii maker tops rival console manufacturers... but can't beat Ferrero Rocher

Nintendo has been named as the sixth most reputable company in the world in a new annual survey, ahead of Microsoft at number 30 and Sony at number 126.

Research firm the Reputation Institute has rated over 1000 companies from 20 industry categories, although this is the first time that Nintendo - the only pure videogames company in the list - has been included.

Following over 60,000 online interviews in over 25 countries, each company is given a "Pulse" rating out of 100 to indicate the strength of its reputation. Nintendo's debut rating is 81.63, while Microsoft is up 7.53 points to 78.05. Sony saw its Pulse rating fall by 5.78 points to a total of 72.21.

Both the Microsoft and Sony ratings take into account each company's wide range of non-videogames-related businesses, making comparisons between any of the three console manufacturers problematic.

The number one-ranked company is Italian confectioner Ferraro, makers of the Ferrero Rocher chocolate sweet, with a commanding Pulse rating of 85.17. Swedish furniture company Ikea was second on 83.98 and pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson was third on 83.58.

The full list of 200 companies is available at

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