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NCsoft announces new MMO "starter packs"

The new retail product will serve as two week introductions to the publisher's online franchises

NCsoft has announced the release of "starter packs" - a new range of retail products for its major MMO franchise titles, including City of Heroes, City of Villains, Guild Wars and Lineage II.

These "starter packs" will be sold at retailers for GBP 1.99 and will provide a game and a two week subscription intended as an introduction to MMORPGs. Consumers who decide they want the full game can then return to the retailer and purchase the whole product.

"The Starter Packs are an exciting retail initiative to drive physical sales of NCsoft titles at store level. At £1.99 they represent great value for money to players interested in online gaming and through their messaging will drive sales back to the retail outlet," stated Duncan Hamilton, Northern European sales manager for NCsoft Europe.

"In an ever increasingly digitally orientated retail environment, encouraging players to return to retail is a win-win for both outlet and publisher."

A "starter pack" will also be released for Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa later this year.

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