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Namco Bandai reports profit of $99.7m

Soul Calibur IV leads sales at over two million units; yearly profits expected to hit $143m

Namco Bandai has detailed its financial results in the third quarter of the year, reporting net income of JPY 9 billion (USD 99.7 million).

The combined company, including videogames, arcade machines and toys, saw an operating income of JPY 19.8 billion (USD 219 million), compared to over JPY 25 billion (USD 285 million) the previous year, and recurring revenue of JPY 21.6 billion (USD 239 million), compared to JPY 28.2 (USD 312 million) year-on-year.

Namco predicts a net income of JPY 13 billion (USD 143 million) for the whole financial year, ending March 31.

The publisher broke down its operating income by region, revealing that, despite a small drop, Japan remains its most lucrative region at JPY 9 billion (USD 99 million). The Americas, however, represented the greatest amount of growth, from a loss of JPY 233 million (USD 2.5 million) to JPY 2.5 billion (USD 27 million).

Soul Calibur IV is the company's most successful title in the nine months that make up the financial year so far, shipping 2,260,000 units, followed by Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit at 730,000 units, as well as We Ski and Gundam Musou 2 at 590,000 units each.

The PlayStation 2 continues to be the business' strongest platform, with five titles shipping 3.6 million units, while the Wii was the second best home console performer at 2.9 million units.

Sony's PlayStation Portable was the strongest handheld for Namco, with four titles shipping 2.8 million units, followed by the DS at 2.6 million units.

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