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30 million gamers for MySpace

Claims a third of its 100m users are playing games and reports success from new viral tools

NewsCorp-owned social networking site MySpace has redoubled efforts to promote itself as a gaming service. The network has just introduced a clutch of viral features intended to increase game take-rates. These include in-game friending tech, an invitation system, an app sharing button and gifting.

While the new tools are currently on with selected devs, MySpace has claimed that the share button is now responsible for 10 to 20 per cent of new app installs - second only to invites as a source of new users.

The site has also revealed to InsideSocialGames that around a third of its 100 million users are playing games on the network.

55 per cent of its players are men, who by contrast to Facebook and its genteel time-management games, are pushing apps such as 'What's Your Street Reputation?' into the charts.

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