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Manhunt 2 finally gets UK release date

Rockstar's controversial title confirmed for Halloween release on PSP, Wii and PS2

Rockstar has confirmed to GamesIndustry.biz that Manhunt 2 will see a release in the UK on October 31.

The controversial title is being released for the PlayStation 2 for GBP 29.99, Wii for GBP 34.99 and PlayStation Portable for GBP 24.99.

Last year, Rockstar claimed to be "disappointed" when its title was refused a certificate by the UK's ratings body the BBFC - effectively banning it in the region.

On appeal to the Video Appeals Committee earlier this year, the BBFC ruling was overturned and Manhunt 2 was grated a rating and permission to go on sale in the UK.

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James Lee