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Leisure Suit Larry bound for pocket fun

Nokia is set to co-publish and develop the first handheld title in the Leisure Suit Larry series, the company today announced, with Leisure Suit Larry: Pocket Party on its way to the N-Gage platform this November.

The 3D adventure title - which promises to feature 30 hours of gameplay, 10 "outrageous" characters and "non-stop steamy dialogue and situations" - will also be the first cel-shaded game to appear on the N-Gage.

"Leisure Suit Larry is one of the most loved - and pitied - video game characters of all time and has a fanatically loyal fan base," according to Nokia's director of game publishing, Pasi Polonen. "Nokia is thrilled to bring such addictive, hilarious gameplay to gamers."

The title is being developed by TKO Software, and will be co-published by Nokia and Leisure Suit Larry franchise owners Vivendi Universal Games.

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