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Kuju signed for new action title by Activision

British independent developer Kuju has announced the signing of a new development contract, this time with leading publisher Activision, for a title being created at the company's offices in Godalming, Surrey.

The contract marks another major deal for the AIM-listed developer, which earlier this year announced that it was working on a first-party GameCube title for Nintendo - thus becoming the first British company to work for the Japanese giant since it parted company with long-time collaborator Rare in 2002.

Speculation over the nature of Kuju's Nintendo project has been intense, but both publisher and developer have maintained a stony silence over the nature of the project - which is expected to be unveiled at E3 later this month.

Commenting on the Activision deal, managing director Jonathan Newth said "We are delighted to have secured this contract which is in line with our business plan and our stated strategy of focusing on specific sectors of the interactive games market."

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