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Kuju flying high on PSP with new project

AIM-listed British developer Kuju Entertainment has announced that it is moving into full production on its first game for Sony's forthcoming PlayStation Portable system, with the working title of Project Interceptor.

The game is described as an arcade flight combat game, and while few details have yet been announced, Kuju has confirmed that it will feature multiplayer dogfights over the PSP's wireless multiplayer system.

A prototype of the game has been completed, and the studio is now moving on to producing the real thing - and seeking publishers interested in acquiring it as an early PSP title.

"We're extremely pleased that Sony has given us the support to proceed with 'Project Interceptor'," commented Kuju managing director Jonathan Newth. "Developing the prototype has been an enjoyable and instructive experience and we're looking forward to exploring the PSP's potential. Now we'll certainly be talking to publishers who are keen to have early PSP titles."

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