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Kuju brings Sensible classics to mobiles

Kuju Wireless Publishing has announced a deal which will see it bringing two classic titles from legendary British developer Sensible Software to Java-enabled mobile phone platforms.

Both Cannon Fodder and Sensible Soccer will be ported to wireless devices by the company, which is the mobile gaming division of successful British independent developer Kuju Plc.

"We're very excited about working on these titles," enthused Kuju Wireless Publishing managing director Kevin Holloway. "Sensible Software was highly regarded for creating supremely playable and inventive games. They were the game developer equivalent to the Beatles in the 16-bit era."

"Like great music, great gameplay never goes out of fashion," he continued. "These titles will add to our existing portfolio of titles and continue to strengthen our position as a leading wireless games publisher."

Kuju Wireless will be publishing the Sensible titles as part of a range of games which includes the recently released Pat Cash Pro Tennis and a number of forthcoming titles based on licenses including Judge Dredd and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

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