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Koei Tecmo issues lawsuit against Youzu over copyright infringement

The company allegedly warned the games firm to stop using its IP repeatedly

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Koei Tecmo has filed a copyright infringement complaint against the Singapore-based subsidiary of games firm Youzu.

It alleges that Youzu has used audio and images from the franchises Nobunanga's Ambition and Taiko Risshiden in online advertisements.

Automation-Media spotted the complaint as it was filed with the Tokyo District Court on April 8.

Allegedly, the company sent multiple notices to Youzu to cease its infringement activities as they continued.

"These defendant actions are not only detrimental to the users and our partners, but also tramples over the efforts of all parties involved in the development of our games, and we have determined that it is highly malicious," said Koei Tecmo in the complaint.

The firm behind 2023's Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is seeking damages compensation with its lawsuit.

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