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How HMS Core empowers game developers to deliver better, more high-quality experiences

We look at the features within HMS Core

Whether they're gaming, shopping, or planning a trip, users want positive, high-quality experiences from their apps. Research has shown that consumers have a growing appetite for high quality and high fidelity games, as seen from the top selling titles globally. In North America alone, these games make up 33% of the top 200 highest grossing mobile games, and that figure is growing rapidly.

There's an obvious growth opportunity for more polished mobile games on the market. This is where HMS Core can help. HMS Core provides developers with innovative, efficient openness capabilities to build high quality games and applications, equipped with Kits such as 3D Modeling Kit, Computer Graphics (CG) Kit, Scene Kit and AR Engine, to help bring your games to life.

Spruce up your game with the 3D Modeling Kit

Based on AI technologies, the HMS Core 3D Modeling Kit provides real-time 3D object modelling, material generation, and motion capture capabilities to efficiently produce 3D digital content. What's more, all this can be achieved without the need for specialised equipment - all that's needed is the simple RGB camera that most smart devices already have.

This lets game developers create high fidelity game environments via real-object scanning, bringing an immersive game world to life for users to explore, interact, and be enthralled with. As the Kit automatically reconstructs high quality 3D models and is easy to use, it helps developers save on development costs and time.

"HMS Core provides developers with innovative, efficient openness capabilities to build high quality games and applications"

Score high on performance graphics with the CG Kit and Scene Kit to assist

With the Computer Graphics (CG) Kit and the Scene Kit as trusty assists, game developers can count on HMS Core to fulfil consumer demand for stellar graphics. The CG Kit and Scene Kit possess a superior graphics rendering framework that provides real-time generation of high quality graphical and post-processing techniques.

The CG Kit offers plugins for implementing multithreaded rendering, super resolution, volumetric clouds, occlusion culling, and more. In particular, it offers Offline Super-Resolution Plugin, which enhances game screenshot generation by boosting output resolution to 1440p using AI. It also greatly improves picture clarity, detail fidelity and aliasing, making the memories gamers want to preserve crystal clear by improving the quality of the photos taken.

Additionally, with the AI Face Avatar Creator, gamers just need a simple portrait shot for face avatar creation in mobile games, providing personalised options to differentiate your game from the rest.

The Scene Kit brings professional graphics rendering services for 3D apps and engines to mobile, so that gamers get the ultimate experience and console-like quality effects. The Kit supports cross-platform rendering, as well as advanced techniques such as Physical Based Rendering for realistic effects, smooth animation system, Physics engine for lifelike animation, and stunning particle effects.

Other notable perks include Ray Shop - the first application of ray tracing to mobile games featuring a low-power consumption algorithm, and powerful SDKs that support major game engines in the market. It utilises ray tracing technology to render irregular surface reflections and refractions on lakes and curves. What's more, Dynamic Diffuse Global Illumination (DDGI) calculates diffuse illumination, allowing developers to add dynamic lighting and shadows to game environments.

AR Engine brings high fidelity graphics to life across various scenarios

AR technology, which has continued to grow more sophisticated over the years, is a promising tool for developers looking to take their games to the next level.

AR Engine is a platform for building augmented reality (AR) apps for mobile devices, for a brand new, visually interactive user experience. Together with the CG Kit, Scene Kit and 3D Modeling Kit, the AR Engine brings high fidelity 3D rendering capabilities to users. It supports real-time advance tracking and detection capabilities so developers can achieve realistic, immersive scenes in games.

With AR Engine, the possibilities are vast: AR games, AR display, AR education, AR measurement, AR navigation and AR shopping are all application scenarios available to developers.

HMS Core: helping developers to expand and achieve success

HMS Core offers a cross-platform ecosystem with cross-OS capabilities across all scenarios, providing a range of capabilities that bolster development efficiency and monetisation - all while providing users with heightened gameplay and immersive interactions.

HMS Core continues to provide gaming developers with cutting edge capabilities to bring superior, high fidelity games to the market. With over 69 kits and 21,738 APIs across seven verticals, including 13 cross-OS capabilities, Huawei's HMS Core 6 adds value to industries beyond gaming, ranging from e-commerce to finance.

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