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Gothic 3 sells half a million

German-developed RPG title Gothic 3 has taken its place as one of the best-selling German role-playing titles of all time, with half a million units of the game now sold worldwide.

"Gothic 3 has turned into a very successful long seller, just as its precursors did," enthused publisher JoWooD's senior marketing manager Johannes Natterer. "Every week we're curious about the incoming charts, which show sales of both Collector's and standard edition at a stable and high level."

"Our high expectations are still outnumbered and Gothic 3 is finally on its way to becoming a known and beloved brand even outside the German speaking territories."

Developed by Pluto 13, the game has won critical acclaim for its vast, free-roaming world and enormous amounts of content, with solid reviews both in the German and the international press.

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