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Gamecock signs first title from Renegade Kid

Gamecock Media has signed with Renegade Kid to publish the recently-formed developers first title.

Gamecock Media has signed up Renegade Kid to publish the recently-formed developers' first title.

Dementium: The Ward is due for the Nintendo DS and Renegade Kid claims it will push the boundaries of the handheld and the survival horror genre.

"Renegade Kid is looking to move above and beyond what most games are attempting on the DS, and with Gamecock we've found a publisher who is supportive, developer friendly, and willing to give us the freedom to create the game we want," commented Jools Watsham, creative director at Renegade Kid.

Founded earlier this year, Renegade Kid is a development studio based in Texas, with a team who between them have worked on titles such as Area 51, Stubbs the Zombie, NBA Jam and LeMans 24 Hours.

"From the first meeting, Renegade Kid have proven themselves to be innovative, unafraid to push the norms of gaming and incredibly talented — all of which we think are the key characteristics of a great developer," said Harry Miller, head of development at Gamecock Media Group.

"It's great when you can sit down with a developer who shares the same vision of where games should be going in creating new and exciting titles to offer an alternative to the bland remakes and sequels flooding stores today."

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