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Game Boy Micro set for November release?

The Game Boy Micro - Nintendo's latest offering in the GB series and the smallest one to date - could be on European shelves in time for Christmas, according to a report on Spanish business site finanzas.com.

"As of November, the company will complement the Nintendo DS with a new device, the Game Boy Micro," the report states.

When the GB Micro was unveiled at last month's E3, Nintendo would only give an estimated launch window of "Fall 2005". The company has declined to comment on this latest news, telling GI.biz's sister site, Eurogamer, that "No dates have been confirmed as yet."

The Finanzas article goes on to reiterate suggestions that Nintendo could release the multimedia Play-Yan accessory in the West. Nicolas Wegnez, head of marketing at Nintendo Spain, is quoted as saying that "at least some units" will make it to Europe.

Play-Yan allows the user to save music and movies to SD card, and then play them back on a Nintendo DS or Game Boy Advance. Nintendo also offers downloadable Play-Yan mini games via its Garage Games website.

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