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Former 1UP editor moves to Ignition Entertainment

Shane Bettenhausen takes on role of director of business development for Ignition Entertainment

Shane Bettenhausen, former executive editor for 1UP and recently defunct magazine EGM, has announced his appointment as director of business development for publisher Ignition Games.

Speaking on Rebel FM, the pod cast of Eat-Sleep-Game, Bettenhausen explained that the move was planned before 1UP's recent purchase by UGO and the subsequent lay offs.

"I had been thinking about my next step for a long time now and I've been in games journalism for nine years now, which is a really long time, and one of my dreams from the beginning was to make games," he explained.

"I'll be helping to choose what games we publish, work on our games, promote our games, learn all these new parts of the business that I've never been a part of before. I'm really, really excited."

"I look all over, had a lot of different options, but this one looked like it had a lot of potential... I can help build it up, have a lot of creative input and help change the industry in some small way and I'm humbled by that."

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