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Final Langdell judgement issued

Edge Games ordered to notify bullied developers that it no longer holds trademarks

Litigious Edge Games owner Tim Langdell was on Friday officially stripped of his 'edge', 'cutting' and 'gamer's edge' trademarks by a US judge, following an earlier agreement between his and EA's attorneys.

Judge William Alsup has now signed off the final judgement, which also states that each party will cover its own court costs, and that EA will receive no damages from Langdell for his denied attempt to block further use of the name 'Mirror's Edge.'

However, the judge added an additional stipulation that the disgraced former IGDA board member must inform all those firms he has brought action against in the past that he no longer holds the various edge trademarks.

Reads the ruling, "Plaintiff shall notify all persons and entities with whom a licensing agreement has been obtained involving the trademarks asserted herein that the marks have been cancelled and provide these persons and entities with a copy of the order denying plaintiff's motion for a preliminary injunction and the final judgment."

The judge requires that Langdell or his representatives give a sworn statement that this has occurred by this Friday. It may lead to a series of reparation attempts from developers who suffered name-changes, costs and release delays as a result of Langdell's earlier threats of legal action.

EA looks to have moved on from the matter entirely now. "We're pleased that we've reached a settlement and can put this behind us," a spokesperson said in a statement.

"This settlement goes a long way in protecting the rights of independent developers."

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