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EBGames lists Vivendi's Riddick for PC

American online retailer EBGames.com has updated its site to include a listing for Vivendi Universal's Starbreeze-developed title The Chronicles Of Riddick on the PC platform, with the title apparently due to launch on November 15th.

The publisher hasn't confirmed the existence of a PC version of the game as yet, but following critical acclaim for the title on its US launch (with a European launch impending in August), it seems entirely likely that a port is underway.

Questioned about whether work was underway on a PC SKU earlier this year, Starbreeze VP of technology Jens Anderson said that there was "nothing we can speak about," going on to explain that "it's an Xbox-only title as of now."

Of course, the other possibility is that EBGames has listed the product in error; but the balance of probability suggests that this is another case of an online retailer listing pre-empting the publisher's announcement.

Earlier this month, both GameStop and EBGames managed to release a launch date of August 3rd for Doom III, with GameStop describing the date as "just announced" - which Activision described as "interesting," saying that the game would launch "when it's done."

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